Banndu Milky Nursing Poncho - Ocean
Banndu Milky Emzirme Pançosu ve Puset ÖrtüsüBanndu Milky Ocean Emzirme Pançosu ve Puset Örtüsü

Banndu Milky Nursing Poncho - Ocean (ML0006)

Price : $17.00

Our fabrics comply with OEKO-TEX standard 100 regulations.

Delivery Time: Product is shipped within the 3 working day.

Available colors: Dark Blue - White

Banndu Milky nursing ponchos and baby car seat cover has multi purpose use and is more advantageous than classic nursing covers.

Can be used as a nursing cover, baby car seat cover, a high chair cover or a fashionable scarf and clothes for your daily wear.

Provides 360 degree coverage for mothers and babies so that mothers will never feel uneasy or uncomfortable while nursing in public.

Made of natural, breatheable fabric.

Negates the need for nursing dresses or blouses.

Easy to put on or take off.

Due to the elastic neck design mother and baby can easly see and interact with each other.

When folded it can be carry easly in purse.

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